is an IOT platform

With the IoT becoming very accessible in many industries we’ve detected the upcoming need of a plug ‘n play, yet scalable solution to manage connectivity, devices, sources and interfaces. The BGRID platform allows BAGAAR to easily kick-start IoT solutions in innovation and pilot phases until integration and roll-out.

Example of the BGRID Manager dashboard tool

Devices & data management

Building an Internet of Things application raises important questions and challenges. Gartner forecasts that by 2020, more than half of new applications developed on PaaS will be IoT-centric and need to support more than 25 billion connected things and their +/-44 zettabytes (2^70) of generated data. Managing this data needs a solid and scalable infrastructure with a strong IoT-centric focus. Such a form of a multifunctional Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) must be built around an event-driven architecture and have a wide array of support integrations.

This also allows applications to manage their connected “things” and define business rules to be acted upon. Developing such a solution in-house will take a considerable amount of effort and requires a multi-disciplinary set of skills. The biggest challenge here is often not the hardware development but the technology platform to manage, host and deploy your IoT applications. The BGRID platform provides the necessary tools that will help your business propel forward to follow the current IoT innovation burst.

The BGRID platform provides the necessary tools that will help your business propel forward to follow the current IoT innovation burst.

BGRID software and hardware architecture example


BGRID's various features

Our key features are:

  • management and tracking of your connected devices

  • applying strong security measures to anticipate on a proportional number of vulnerabilities that come from ...

  • collecting data for real-time or batch analysis

  • a user-friendly visualisation of your devices and data

  • integration with third-party vendors

  • being open by providing a RESTful API

BGRID software and hardware architecture example

Speed is the answer

The BGRID platform helps Bagaar to speed up your IoT exploration phase. Together, we convert your ideas and potential applications into a working proof-of-concept that runs on our BGRID platform. We can also research together how to integrate with your existing CRM or ERP software stack. Our pluggable architecture easily allows this and maybe we can use one of our existing plugins!

BGRID software and hardware architecture example


End-to-end communication and data packets are protected using the highest security standards (e.g. TLS/SSL) and encryption methods. All data are protected against unauthorized access to maintain the highest level of user privacy. All events and exceptions are logged.


Sensor - BGRID - UI en third party Software ( Navision, SAP, … ) We provide a RESTful API for third-party integration and Bagaar can build tailor-made integrations with third party CRM or ERP software.


We allow connected devices to report their state by publishing (JSON) messages on MQTT topics. Alternatively, data can be sent directly over HTTPS to an API gateway.

Type of Analytics

Collected sensor data can intelligently and interactively be analyzed. All collected data is also made available for data processing systems (Hadoop, Spark, Storm etc.).

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